Performance track

Backing track

When I look up to the stars,

There's a burning deep inside me

And I feel a power growing in my soul.
There is something I can sense

Deep within a dream to guide me,

And I know that I am reaching for my goal.

I can do anything at all,

I can climb the highest mountain,

I can feel the ocean calling wild and free.
I can be anything I want,

With this hope to drive me onward,

If I can just believe in me.

When the skies are dark and grey,

We still know the sun is shining:

Though it's out of sight, its light is glowing still.
And as long as I believe,

There is nothing I can't wish for,

Not a dream that I'm unable to fulfil.

I can do anything at all …

Whatever it takes I'll find it somehow;
Whatever it needs I'll show I'm strong.
Whatever it takes I'll make it happen;
Finding out where I belong.

While the world is spinning round,

I can sometimes lose direction

And I know how hard it is to find my way.
But with friends around to care,

There is nothing I can't handle

And I'll face the future treasuring each day.

I can do anything at all …